How to enhance urban circular economy through experiments?

Demos Helsinki held a workshop in Nordic Edge conference in Stavanger in September 2018. The workshop introduced Try Out’s approach to advance circular economy through innovation support program and urban experiments carried out by Try Out teams.

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How to learn by doing?

Experiments are valuable for generating new innovations in both companies and our society. But it is not enough to experiment just for the sake of experimenting. Experiments are converted into information, change and impact only through assessment of learning from the process. But how to harness the full learning potential of experiments to generate actual impacts?

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Three suggestions that will help your startup get funding

What is “the one thing” most of the startups have constant struggles with? Is it how to find customers? Is it visibility in the market? No, most often the biggest worry is how to secure funding in order to keep on going and staying alive. We invited some of the most exciting professionals to help TryOut teams with this particular question.

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