TRY OUT! -project has developed two innovation platforms, in Helsinki and Turku.

Experiment Co-creation Platform

THE EXPERIMENT CO-CREATION PLATFORM (ECP) is an innovation-focused experiment accelerator, and an update of PPPs (public-private partnerships) that advance the urban economy and support the evolution of cities. It is a challenge-based program that provides a toolbox and support for research teams, startups & SMEs to go forward and increase their technology readiness level (TRL). The ECP is dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions to wicked urban problems. Are you mulling over smart and user-centric solutions for a new school about to be built? Are you struggling with the recycling habits of citizens? Are you eager to make mass events more sustainable? Are you looking for new ways of interaction in urban planning and land-use development? These are just some examples of common sustainability challenges for cities, and a perfect fit for the ECP.

THE ECP MODEL is developed and prototyped by Demos Helsinki through the Try Out! project and funded by 6aika/EAKR. You are holding in your hands Demos Helsinki’s view on how such an ECP model can be set up and operated.

Download the ECP Handbook which is an introduction to setting up operations for an Experiment Co-creation Platform with online access to supportive tools.

Circular Economy 2.0

Circular Economy 2.0  is an innovation platform for students, companies and other stakeholders in Turku. Turku University of Applied Sciences is the facilitator of this platform which brings together all the different stakeholders.